Monday, February 09, 2009

We made 10000!

Actually, we made 10000 & 1. So I'd like to officially thank you all for helping reach this goal. Jennifer G was the rock star who put us over the goal, so kudos mejor to you, girl.

From here, I've gotta figure out what kind of prize(s) I can redeem and get those shipped to the people at Nicks Kids Fund and hope they like free stuff.

For anyone interested, I'll post a list of the goods we get for them whenever I figure out the logistics.

Thanks for helping out with this version, as well as the old version of this that got St. Jude Children's Research Hospital a Wii, a couple of portable DVD players for their Leukemia lab, and a carload of games and stuff for those kids.

Good karma coming your way for years to come, unless you've done something really bad recently. ha ha. j/k

Monday, January 12, 2009


what better way to forget the recession than to watch Ellen get her stuff shaken via a certifiable office chair.

Thanks for everyone who donated codes. once we reach 10000 points, I'm switching focus to another cause, Multiple Sclerosis. I'll be participating in a road "race" from Houston, TX to Austin, TX in a few months and I'll be collecting codes to get stuff to give to that organization that does wonders of goodness. More info to come.

Thanks again and make the most of the new year.


Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm back in it pushing for 10000 points

and this came up today. how cute. you can skip through the first half of the video to see the goods, BUT for drama's sake, don't skip all of it. you wanna root for the underdog and that's usually a good thing.

thanks to all the people who continue to drip in codes. you guys rock it.

If you've got MyCokeRewards codes, from 12/24-packs of Coke products, send 'em to HelpAKid

Thanks. And remember to keep smiling.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

1000 more points and we're done

While it's a cool cause, Coke has ripped the idea and now allows you to donate to schools and such. They're sort of stealing my thunder and they've got designated recipients for their points and "prizes", so once we reach 10,000 points, I'll spend a few days sifting through the prizes and find the best of the what's left and fire them to Nick's Kids Fund.

Or if YOU HAVE A CHARITY THAT YOU THINK WOULD APPRECIATE 10K WORTH OF PRIZES, fire them at me via comments or email HelpAKid.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Car That Runs On Coke

Can somebody get on that? We'd kill two birds with one stone— less reliance on gas and more codes to help out this project.

THANKS to all the new code contributors. Keepin' the spirit alive. Rockin in the free world. All that.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Wed, June 25th has been declared national Donate Your Coke Codes Day

I was in Mexico City that day so I don't know where that spike in hittership came from. Maybe it was the word of mouth traffic from the old lady I tried to talk to (in high school Spanish) at the Mex. City airport—I think what she heard when I tried to say hey was "Hello, big woman, I don't speak cheese much but everything is good. Chow!" She looked as confused as I did when I saw that number.

Either way, no harm, no foul. I'm just curious as to why that day.

Thanks to all the contributors.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Dog, Cat and Rat— Ebony, Ivory & Salt-N-Pepper

I don't know much about Humanity Ascending or any of that but a dog, a cat and a rat living together in harmony has to be inspiring on some level.